Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - October 17, 2021

A Beautiful Thing

Let There Be Darkness

We find in this passage a powerful, sweeping story where beauty and betrayal are contrasted. Amid dreadful betraying darkness, framed within the picture of the Passover, a beautiful thing is put on central display. But tragically, it will not be seen for what it is by the undevoted. Its beauty is not perceptible by outward appearances. The whole scene is rife with irony and symbolism. So, while the darkness conceals, it also reveals. As the drama of Christ’s final hours intensifies, an astonishing exposé of thoughts and intentions is made visible. But it doesn’t stop there. This scene invites the reader in to lay bare their own heart. It is a call to behold a beautiful thing.

Scripture References: Matthew 26:6-16

From Series: "Let There Be Darkness"

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