Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - July 26, 2020

A Heart for Christ

Increasing Illumination

In the afterglow of Christ’s theophany, it is of no small significance to converge intently on the subject of worship. This is a familiar passage to all who honor the principle of sola scriptura. But even our reverence for Scripture is penultimate. The worship of God is alone ultimate. And worship belongs to God alone. Jesus affirming the same (4:10), just has (14:33) and will again receive worship (28:17). He is more than Messiah. He is more than the Servant of God—He is God. But only those with a heart to honor the Scriptures will see and understand. Sadly, the religious authorities of Israel do not have a heart for Christ. They are more concerned about defilement according to their traditions than about the worth of Jesus. Worship is the theme and identifying key hindrances to right worship the directive. But the aim, not surprisingly, has more to do with possessing and cultivating a heart for Christ.

Scripture References: Matthew 15:1-20

From Series: "Increasing Illumination"

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