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Manny Pereira - November 3, 2019

Heart of the Gospel

Justification by Faith

The arresting question that burns in a sin-sensitive soul is: How can I be right with God? Even a cursory survey of Romans 1:18–3:20 reveals that all people are under sin, and therefore all are condemned. It is a very sobering and rather troubling reality—and should be. While all people may have a right to their own opinions, God has the only right to declare our standing before Him. These truths are hard for people in our culture to absorb. Nevertheless, the hope of Romans 3:21-26 will make very little sense without first grasping this troubling reality. Agreeing on the problem is essential to agreeing on the solution. None are righteous, no not one. None can make themselves righteous, no not one. This is our fundamental problem. In this message, we consider more closely the heart of the gospel as revealed in Romans 3:21-26. It presents the only one possible way to be right with God. It focuses on the heart of the gospel as the glorious good news of justification by faith alone. This passage sounds the clarion of the Protestant Reformation, presenting the heart of the good news that rejoices every guilty soul awakened by God’s grace.

Scripture References: Romans 3:21-26

From Series: "Justification by Faith"

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