Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - January 17, 2021


As saints, are we mourning over the loss of what we cannot keep more than rejoicing over the gain of what we cannot lose? All of us in Christ have obtained an inheritance of unspeakable riches. Not because of our doing, but because of His, so that we who are Christ’s would make much of Him in and through everything. We are heirs according to promise. Heirs of an eternal inheritance—imperishable, undefiled, and unfading. What tongue can tell of the glories that are to be revealed to us? Yet God has revealed such glories as resurrection, everlasting life, and a kingdom where God dwells with His people in righteousness, truth, purity, love, fellowship, and worship fully free from sin and stain. This is our inheritance—the glory of the gospel—and it holds out promises profoundly larger than the temporary happiness of a dying life. The greatest riches and rejoicings of this world are but poverty and pains in comparison to the next. No matter how much this world attempts to cope with the curse and diminish death it remains lost and dying, a world devoid of God and real riches. Sin is the great impoverisher. Entranced by the here and now, many live their life in pursuit of a vanishing vapor. But we long for that realm in which Christ is openly and ardently acknowledged and honored as Lord by all. We long to glorify and enjoy Him from our hearts more fully and forever. We long for this inheritance.

Scripture References: Ephesians 1:11-14

From Series: "Special 2021"

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