Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - November 14, 2021

Shadow to Substance

Having directed the dark, Christ sets in motion the central fulfillment of His coming. A most unsuspected glory fills the scene. It is a glowing and momentous occasion, transcendent in magnitude. For the first time, Jesus explains the meaning of His impending death. But more than words are used. Jesus and His disciples are commemorating the central greatest act of redemption in history. It is the Passover feast. The meal itself told a story. To participate was to celebrate God’s salvation. But here, Jesus has reserved to reveal the greatest mystery of His mission. Here, the Light of the world shines new meaning on an old model. An old ritual reveals a new reality. Old symbols speak of new significance. The Last Supper is turned into the Lord’s Supper. And a 1500-year shadow gives way to a greater and more glorious substance. In this sermon, the contextual meaning of the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion is explained.

Scripture References: Matthew 26:26-30

From Series: "Let There Be Darkness"

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