The church exists to make much of Christ, not the church. This signifies stewardship. No one else on earth is charged with, or is capable of, this high responsibility. We are beginning a new three-part series seeking to refresh our hearts in these truths. It has two focal points concerning the church’s stewardship: treasure and together.


This series serves to remind the church of where her treasure lies. Understanding the identity of her Beloved and her identity in Him defines her relationship to everyone and everything else. Every good thing she has is from her Beloved as a gift—the treasure she stewards is His grace. Being reminded of how dearly she is loved and the treasure that she has been given in Christ, serves to recalibrate her heart and renew within her a faithfulness to her stewardship.


This series also underscores the uniqueness of the church as one body in Christ. It is concerned not merely with the responsibility of individuals in the church, but the stewardship of the church as Christ’s bride. A healthy self-understanding of who we are as a church ironically leads to a greater obsession with Christ, not the church. And this is critical to a church’s stewardship and power in the world. A church is no more powerful than when she is focused more on Christ than herself. Only when Christ is at the center will a church be more powerful than summation or synergy. The church is a precious and powerful grace that we must steward together to make much of Christ not the church.

A Special, Significant, and Sacred Stewardship

The church’s stewardship is special, significant, and sacred. Special because she alone stewards the grace of God in the gospel of Christ. Significant because what she stewards is immeasurably greater than temporary earthly treasure. Her stewardship is a signal of her heart and a sign of her hope. Sacred because her stewardship is supremely from, through, and to Christ. Hers is a spiritual and holy administration of the riches of Christ, making much of Him to God’s glory and man’s joy.