It’s popular to believe that truth is relative and that the Bible is little more than a collection of ancient—and largely irrelevant—writings. And here’s both the foundation and the fruit of such thinking: a low view of Christ.

Was the Bible written by men—the product of human minds? Is it enough to understand the basic meaning of the gospel and not trouble ourselves with affirming everything in the Bible? Do you know how modern assaults on the Bible redefine terms and advocate partial truths, and how dangerous these methods are? Can you give an answer to these questions with confidence to the skeptical world around you?

These are the types of questions that will be addressed at this year’s Coram Deo Conference. But more than answering questions, our aim is God’s glory and man’s joy in Christ.

Affirm the Supremacy of Scripture for the Supremacy of Christ
Our purpose is to affirm the supremacy of Scripture for the supremacy of Christ. Our view of Christ will never rise above our understanding of Scripture. The Scriptures are to our view of Christ what our eyes are to sight. We are called to trust the Scripture as we trust our eyes. There are many voices in our world today, religious and non-religious, that seek to undermine the veracity and reliability of the Scriptures. But those who value sight will guard their eyes. Let us also not forget that we are responsible stewards of God’s Word entrusted to us not only for our own sight but for the sight of others as well. It is as if we can offer eyes to the blind by offering the Scriptures to those who do not see Christ. By affirming the supremacy of Scripture, we are making much of Christ for His supreme glory and the saving joy of many through Him.

Who Needs to Affirm the Supremacy of Scripture?
Question: Who needs to protect their eyes? Answer: Everyone who enjoys sight. The responsibility to know and love the Word of God is the responsibility of the church—not professionals, but the church. “The church of the living God,” says the Scripture, is “a pillar and buttress of the truth” (1 Timothy 3:15). As Israel was of old, so today the church is “entrusted with the oracles of God” (Romans 3:2). While leaders of the local church are called to guard the deposit entrusted to them (1 Timothy 6:20), and rightly minister that truth to the church (2 Timothy 2:2, 15), they do so for the sake of the church. Every member of the church is called to pay careful attention, not only to the direction the Scriptures lead, but to the value of the Scriptures themselves. Every Christian would do well to pay attention to the Scriptures as to a lamp shining in a dark place (2 Peter 1:19)—not only to what they say, but to what they are. These are the very oracles of the living God, they are not the product of some man’s invention or imagination (2 Peter 1:20). The value and place of the Scriptures in our lives is paramount.

Who needs to affirm the supremacy of Scripture? Every Christian. For this reason, we are encouraging all to attend this conference. This year’s conference is aimed at gaining a deeper and more robust appreciation for the Scriptures to make much of Christ.

Helping Us See the Value of Scripture
We are privileged to have as our keynote speaker Dr. James R. White, internationally recognized professor, author, debater, and Christian apologist. Dr. White has published several works on the subject of Scripture and the relevance of sola Scriptura for the church today. He has done extensive work in researching other ancient religious writings, like the Qu’ran, and contrasting them to the Bible.

Also joining us will be guest speaker Dr. Michael Grisanti, Professor of Old Testament at The Master’s Seminary. Dr. Grisanti is also internationally recognized for his contributions in Old Testament scholarship. He has contributed to several scholarly encyclopedias, journals, Bible handbooks, and commentaries. He is a licensed archeologist with ongoing studies in Israel.

By God’s grace, this conference is designed to help us all see the colossal value of Scripture, to make much of Christ for God’s glory and man’s joy.

The General Sessions
·         The Inspiration of Holy Scripture
·         The Inerrancy of Holy Scripture
·         The Authority and Ministry of God’s Word
·         The Sufficiency of Scripture and the Place of Church Tradition

We hope to see you all at this year’s Coram Deo Conference!
Preconferene – April 5
Main sessions – April 6

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