We believe that the corporate gathering of Christ’s church is vital to her life and mission. Gathering is essential to her nature. When the local church gathers, she gathers as Christ’s church—a holy assembly—to worship God publicly. This is a massive privilege and responsibility. The church gathers to make manifest and thus reveal the worth of Christ, which is to say that we gather to make much of Christ in our community.

In all of creation, there is only one institution that has been charged with the high responsibility of knowing and making known the person and work of Christ—the world’s only Savior. That one institution is His church. For this reason, the church stands above every other institution under heaven for the promotion of God’s glory and the joy of humanity both now and forever. The gathering of the church is categorically distinct from any other social gathering. Her gathering is more important than any other.

We pray that all among us would have a holy longing for the church to gather. As shepherds, our burden for the church under these conditions is indescribable. Love and care for souls compels us. It is our resolve and priority to earnestly seek the regathering of Trinity Bible Church.

The Shepherds have drafted a document that is intended to outline our official statement regarding our present status and direction. It serves as a position paper that explains why we are taking the present course and outlines what principles will guide our decisions and future actions.

May God be glorified and may we find joy in honoring Christ through these difficult times.
– Shepherds of Trinity Bible Church

Read the full document here.