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Manny Pereira - November 28, 2018

Bible Questions and Answers - Part 8

Questions and Answers

Bible Q&A
1. It seems that for the average Christian, that there is misunderstanding about what constitutes studying the Scriptures. One misunderstanding is that if I am simply reading the Bible and listening to sermons – even daily – I am studying the Bible. Another is that if I am not following a formal fill-in-the-blank study prepared by someone else I can not study, or am not studying, the Bible. I think many of us assume we are studying the Bible, but we are not; and if left to ourselves with just our Bibles we would be be adrift. We love the Bible and want to study it for ourselves, but I don't think many of us really are. What is true Bible study?
1. (Begins at minute 29:11) How would you recommend a young person high school and older begin to personally, systematically study the Bible? Can you recommend books or resources?

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