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Manny Pereira - April 22, 2020

Bible Questions and Answers - Part 9

Bible Q&A
1. 00:00 - In Mark 8:22 -25, Jesus heals a blind man. But it takes him 2 times to do it. Is there is a reason for this (as we know all he had to do was say it and it was done)?
2. 08:25 - Please elaborate on the concept of the potter making a vessel of dishonor for dishonorable use. What is the actual meaning of “making”? How is that not being predestination?
3. 17:14 - Is the coronavirus pandemic a sign of the end times?
4. 29:14 - What, in your opinion, is the greatest threat to the church in our culture?
5. 40:04 - Does God still reveal through spoken prophecy?

From Series: "Questions and Answers"

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