Wednesday Service Sermons

Manny Pereira - May 24, 2023

2 Samuel

Continuing the historical narrative from the book of Judges, the book of Samuel records the transition in Israel’s history from the period of judges to a theocratic monarchy. It uniquely distinguishes and divides power between the offices of prophet, priest, king. This is all in preparation of God’s kingdom and God’s king. In this session we consider the primary theological purpose of the book to reveal that God is the only true King, obedience the only wise course, and God’s Kingdom will come with God’s King. It is history that preaches, to call God’s people in the present to live with increasing anticipation for God’s Kingdom and King, and to demonstrate that God alone is man’s true King and God’s Kingdom man’s heaven.

Scripture References: 2 Samuel 1:1

From Series: "Light for Life: Exploring God-breathed Glory"

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