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Manny Pereira - May 3, 2023


Light for Life: Exploring God-breathed Glory

The principles presented in the book of Judges are profoundly relevant for Christians within a pagan society. Though we are not Israel and America is not the promised land, still there is much that we can learn about the character of God and man from this book. Canonically, it demonstrates the Canaanization of Israel, underscoring her failure to live according to the Torah and highlighting her need for a righteous king. The immediate answer will be David, but the ultimate answer to the question that this book begs is Christ. In this survey, we see God’s gracious steadfast love to His wayward people. We also see God’s call to His covenant people to abandon all forms of pagan influence and cling to Him as their king.

Scripture References: Judges 1:1

From Series: "Light for Life: Exploring God-breathed Glory"

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