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Manny Pereira - September 20, 2020

The Son that Pays

Embassy Ethics

The end of His mission is near. Here, a definitive step in the journey is taken. Jesus is Son of God, Son of Man—very God /and/ very man. After announcing that He will be murdered, He manifests a glimpse of His glory largely to reassure His disciples that He is the divine Christ—/the beloved Son/. He who is glorious and mighty will be crucified, but this will be a fulfillment not a failure of His own mission. Now, after He gives a lesson in the valley of veils, He states it again. He will be betrayed unto death and then be raised on the third day. With the mounting intensity of the approaching cross, this passage begins a new series. In their last days together in Galilee, Jesus deliberately prepares His disciples for continuance in His absence. The series is focused on living as His church. It all starts with the Son. The passage is both direct and subtle, clear and obscure. Its message is deeply significant and implicates both Him redeeming us and us reflecting Him. The sons are free. Yet, Jesus is the Son that pays.

Scripture References: Matthew 17:22-27

From Series: "Embassy Ethics"

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