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Our History

A brief history of Trinity Bible Church

It is a blessing to look back over the thirty years of our church’s history and see the wonderful faithfulness of God. We began in 1988 with twelve families under the pastoral leadership of Robert Achilles. All we had was a desire and conviction to be under the faithful expositional teaching of the Word of God. We met in a home in Morgan Hill, CA and gradually grew in numbers and in grace.

In 1989 we moved into a building in Gilroy, CA which was owned by a member of the church. In God’s providence, we were graciously allowed a lease of one dollar per year! We held morning and evening services at this location for 18 months. TBC then moved to the Tomkins street location (still in Gilroy), and most of the “buildout” of this industrial location was performed by generous and skilled church members. Several years later we were able to lease and add a larger section of the building which increased and expanded our ability to welcome and serve our community.

Pastor Jonathan Williams came on staff as an associate and youth pastor under Pastor Achilles. In 2001, after thirteen years of faithful service to our church body, Pastor Achilles retired. Pastor Vaughn Park then succeeded Pastor Achilles to serve our body. Near the end of 2005 Pastor Williams accepted a position as a senior pastor at another church, and not long after, the Park family was called to move to Colorado. TBC continued to lease our building rather than begin a building fund, which allowed us to focus financially on global missions.

In 2006 God called our current pastor Manny Pereira to lead and shepherd our congregation at TBC. In 2009, after serving the Gilroy community for twenty years, TBC moved ten miles up the road, back to Morgan Hill, CA. After twenty plus years of leasing our facilities, in June 2013 we purchased a building and began the process of completely remodeling it to serve as our permanent church home. During the time of construction, we met on Sunday evenings at a local church, and spent those years in part-time construction carried out mainly by dedicated volunteers sacrificing their Saturdays and family time for the glory of God and for this local body of Christ.

In January 2017 we passed our final inspection and have started a new season of worship in the facilities God has so graciously granted us. Our desire and mission remain to make much of Christ, for His glory and for man’s joy.