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Manny Pereira - September 11, 2022

Corrupt and Culpable

Corrupt and Culpable

The case that Paul began in 1:18 reaches its climax. Here, we encounter the most sobering diagnosis of humanity in all Scripture. These are devasting words—but they are intended to bless, not curse. The intelligibility of the gospel hinges on understanding the plight of humanity. The case presented here against humanity as a whole, and each human being as an individual, is both comprehensive and conclusive. The answer to the question, why do I need a righteousness from God, is sweepingly and profoundly clinched here: all people everywhere, without exception, are really and radically corrupt and culpable. But God has not left humanity here. Now, finally, we are positioned to see more clearly that Christ, and Christ alone, is the cure!

Scripture References: Romans 3:9-20

From Series: "Corrupt and Culpable"

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