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Manny Pereira - March 12, 2023

Dominions and Desires - Part 2

Life in Christ

All in Christ are liberated from sin, not for sin. They have been justified by grace through faith and are thereby freed from sin’s penalty tomorrow, but not its presence today. They have been united to Christ and have thereby died to sin, but sin has not died to them. Sin’s power remains in the world but not in those united to Christ. In Christ, the shackles of sin are shattered. The Law did not accomplish this liberty. The true Christian is the product of God’s grace, not God’s Law. But liberty from the Law does not mean liberty from the Lord. In this passage we learn that all people live under a lord. Our morals reflect our master. For those in Christ, thanks be to God! His grace has won us to a new dominion, a dominion where grace reigns and new desires grow for God’s glory and our joy.

Scripture References: Romans 6:15-19

From Series: "Life in Christ"

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