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Manny Pereira - July 30, 2023

The Golden Guarantee - Part 1: The Power of Sovereignty

Certainty in Christ

This message acknowledges the transition in the text to a deeper meditation on the certainty of glory for all in Christ. It approaches this golden verse with reverence and celebration, directing attention to the first and key feature of the text, namely the power of God’s sovereignty.

Gospel hope is more than a fond wish. It is the present certainty of a future realization grounded in the promises of God. Christ has procured the promise and the Holy Spirit secures us in it. Now, Paul gathers together the weight and momentum of these inspiring truths to produce a pleasant string of consoling comfort and encouragement. Contained in this colossal verse is the cure to despair. It possesses the power to transform our perspective, to translate our trails, and to enlarge the certainty of our hope with unspeakable comfort. It is the golden guarantee of grace.

Scripture References: Romans 8:28

From Series: "Certainty in Christ"

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