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Manny Pereira - September 17, 2023

Invincible Love - Part 1: Superior to all Experience

Certainty in Christ

This message directs attention to the way that Paul concludes this great chapter. Emphasis is placed on his purpose to induce the affections of the heart, to confront our tendency to perceive the love of God through the lens of experience, and to apply biblical thinking to our interpretation of experience.

Here the chief voice of the gospel is sounded—God loves us. One of the greatest chapters in Bible comes to its climactic close with one of the greatest themes in the Bible. It is profoundly personal and celebratory. The chapter that began with no condemnation ends with no separation. The gospel’s true affectionate colors burst through and crown all its doctrinal details. Its logic fortifies its love. Yet, love is the grand grounding of the gospel. And it is a prevailing love, not the love of an offer. God is revealed as giving Himself to us in love to secure an unconquerable, invulnerable, and indestructible communion with all who are in Christ. God loves eternally. God loves all in Christ now, and He will love them forever. It is an unstoppable, unshakable, and unassailable love. More than informing our heads, it is intended to induce our hearts. Our greatest comfort in life and death is founded on the invincible love of God in Christ Jesus.

Scripture References: Romans 8:35-39

From Series: "Certainty in Christ"

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