Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - January 31, 2021

Debtor to None

If earthly riches profit nothing at death, then is there profit in sacrificing them? Can a person secure a heavenly reward by earthly renunciation? On behalf of the disciples, Peter responds to Jesus’ dealings with the rich young man. He boldly asserts that they have done what he would not. But more than this, he inquires about their reward. What is the payoff for leaving everything to follow Jesus? Though Jesus responds gently, the question remains unsettling. At best it exposes Peter’s uncertainty and seems to model misunderstanding. It sounds mercenary. Jesus’ answer both confirms that an immeasurable blessing is promised to those who follow Him and cautions against all deluded forms of self-seeking along with all notions of merit. No one serves their Creator, Lord, and Redeemer simply in order to obtain a reward. Yes, it is costly to follow Jesus. Yet, eternal life is the gift of God at the cost of Christ. His gift is ridiculously disproportionate to our loss. Not to mention that whatever we sacrifice for Christ is but a stewardship—even our life is not our own. God owes us nothing. He is a debtor to none.

Scripture References: Matthew 19:27-30

From Series: "Toward the Kingdom"

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