Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - September 6, 2020

Glimpse of Glory

Jesus leads us to a revelatory zenith. Here, increasing illumination reaches a stunning summit—Jesus’ transfiguration. Divine self-disclosure has dominated the last few scenes. Jesus is the divine Christ. But even the most enlightened disciples cannot penetrate the ominous mystery of the cross. Their understanding remains darkly clouded. Because they think they know His person they cannot comprehend His plan. They have no category for a crucified Christ. So, He swiftly grants them the promised sight of His kingdom glory coming in its first installment. A clarion of divine confirmation rings loudly. And a terrifying testimony it is. Here no mortal confesses Jesus as the Christ. Nothing less than the audible voice of God the Father thunders from heaven following the lightening of the self-radiant glory of God the Son. It stands as a gateway to the most crucial phase of redemptive history. Here the old and new covenants converge to touch the deity of Christ and the heart of the gospel. The glory of both the cross and crown are perceived together. Rich in the assurance of realities past, present, and future, a glimpse of Christ’s divine glory shines like the sun.

Scripture References: Matthew 17:1-13

From Series: "Increasing Illumination"

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