Sunday Sermons

Manny Pereira - July 5, 2020

Ironies of Herod and Christ's Herald

As the secrets of the kingdom unfold, more of Christ and His mission are brought to light. But not all is pleasant. The path He illumines is often painful and disturbing. His light shines high hope into deep darkness—heaven into our world. But not without exposing shameful realities. Jesus has just suffered rejection from His own hometown like a crownless king. In that light, we are met with a murder story in a world of pride, power, and perversion. A flashback scene retells the fateful tragedy. Herod, a corrupt pseudo king, butchers John the Baptist, Christ’s herald. Though He is not in the story, closer examination reveals that it has more to do with Jesus than meets the eye. It is a passage rich in illuminating ironies.

Scripture References: Matthew 14:1-12

From Series: "Increasing Illumination"

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