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Manny Pereira - May 31, 2020

Surpassing Worth: The Parables of the Treasure and Priceless Pearl

Parables: Secrets of the Kingdom

This pair of parables presents a new melody. The same theme in a different tune is directed to Jesus’ disciples rather than the crowds. To them the secret of surpassing worth is given. Though there will be a mixed response to Jesus (13:3-9) and a mixed crop (13:24-30), and though the kingdom begins contemptibly small (13:31-33) it is of surpassing worth. The worth of the King and His kingdom is a treasure that brings more joy than anything this world can offer. The King and His kingdom are of surpassing worth—worthy of all sacrifice and the source of greatest delight.

Scripture References: Matthew 13:44-46

From Series: "Parables: Secrets of the Kingdom"

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