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Manny Pereira - August 15, 2021

Then the Throne

Show Us Your Majesty

Jesus’ answer reaches its apex. He paints a picture of unspeakable splendor, of awesome and fearsome grandeur. The humble Jesus is the almighty, heavenly, glorious Judge, King, and Lord of all. He will be vindicated on that day. Indescribable authority, power, justice, and mercy will be displayed. Earthly language falls short of the scene. Yet, it is the definitive conclusion to the inquiry of His majesty, to the request of His return. Preparedness, faithfulness, wisdom, and stewardship have been His emphasis in light of the certainty and imminency of His parousia. Now, finally, He concentrates on the event itself. His holy presence will cause separation in this sinful world. His words of inescapable judgment speak for themselves. Yet, sheer delight in the eternal, living presence of God and the fullness of His kingdom for all who love Him punctuates His vindication. It is a spectacular scene. Jesus ends with the end of this age—when He will sit on His glorious throne.

Scripture References: Matthew 25:31-46

From Series: "Show Us Your Majesty"

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