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Manny Pereira - September 8, 2019

Jesus Came to Call Sinners

Jesus is the Holy One. The question has been: “What sort of Man is this?” The last set of miracles have answered in astonishing clarity: Jesus is the God-man, the Holy One of Israel in human flesh, the promised divine Messiah, Immanuel—“God with us,” Jesus—“Yahweh saves.” He alone has authority over the natural, over the supernatural, and over sin. But far from coming to justly punish the guilty, the Holy One has come to save. With Jesus’ words, “your sins are forgiven” still ringing, Matthew points us to the most powerful testimony of Christ’s mission that he knows, namely his own conversion. The encounter that follows Jesus’ call of Matthew unveils His mission with piercing clarity. Jesus came to save His people from their sins (1:21).

Scripture References: Matthew 9:9-13

From Series: "Christ’s Authenticating Ministry"

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