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Manny Pereira - May 10, 2023


Light for Life: Exploring God-breathed Glory

The book of Ruth is a history book that provides the record of a key link in the transition from the days of the judges to the theocratic monarchy of Israel. But more than providing history, these four little chapters whimsically portray God’s redemptive purposes in a beautifully poetic and profound way. Though Israel is not faithful to her covenant with God, He is with her. He will redeem His people according to His steadfast love. His means of redemption will come by way of unsuspecting providence. Hardships are often vehicles of providential graces. The promises of God are not received by the proud, but by the humble heart that trusts God. The book of Ruth wonderfully illustrates that God’s redemption comes through providential grace to the humble who trust Him.

Scripture References: Ruth 1:1

From Series: "Light for Life: Exploring God-breathed Glory"

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