We begin a new sermon series, A People for God: Renewing the Mind of the Church.

We are a forgetful people in a land of distractions. Our minds are easily captivated by trivial and temporary inducements. New things quickly become old. In our mind’s eye even glory tends to fade and warnings tend to wane. It is no wonder that we who are invisibly united to Christ and visibly in and not of this world live in constant need of renewal. And what is true for the Christian is true for the church. This is a series that seeks to renew the mind of the church. Not so much by reviewing what she is called to do as much as what she is called. As with the Christian so with church, her God-given identity defines her. We who are the church are a people for God and none other.

Before we return to the book of Romans, we will be looking at the what scripture says about the Church, in its nature, how she expresses herself in song, and how the church cares and equips for its members.

The first message, Beloved as a Bride can be found here:

Manny Pereira - January 22, 2023

The Bride’s Melodious Boast - Part 2

The church is beloved as a bride. To Christ, she is beloved beyond anything she presently sees or senses. Nevertheless, she has taken into her heart as true and certain the testimonies and promises of this love. As a result, she has been graciously transformed—with newly made affections and expressions. While Christ has given her many gifts, one stands above all others for the united expression of her new heart. One gift uniquely exemplifies her marriage and celebrates her love. It powerfully extols her Husband and expresses her delight in Him. No other gift is so wonderfully emblematic of her chief end. With a new heart, she has been given a new song. The bride’s melodious boast is a blessed testimony to her love and devotion to her Beloved. This message focuses on the purpose and priority of singing.

Scripture References: Ephesians 5:18-21

From Series: "A People for God: Renewing the Mind of the Church"

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