Manny Pereira - September 13, 2023

1 Kings

The book of Kings purposefully contains much more than merely the chronicles of kings and kingdoms. It retells Israel’s history through a theological lens. Its inspired record recounts Israel’s tragic decline from a united kingdom to a divided kingdom, from the centrality of God represented in His temple to scattered apostasy and idolatry throughout the land. 1 Kings uniquely highlights the godly start and ungodly end of the esteemed son of David. It reminds the Christian that the source of wisdom is God Himself and obedience to His word is the only wise course. In the final analysis, the book calls God’s people in the present to live with increasing anticipation for God’s coming King and Kingdom. God’s promises remain.

Scripture References: 1 Kings 1:1

From Series: "Light for Life: Exploring God-breathed Glory"

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