Manny Pereira - October 18, 2020

Christ and Caesar

The world prefers Caesar to Christ, even if a tyrant. Sometimes even people who claim God (John 19:15). And Caesar has many faces. Whether a totalitarian, a monarch, a socialistic state, a democratic republic, or the autocratic self, these are the kingdoms of Caesar—the kingdoms of this world (Matthew 4:8). While many in America look to Caesar for what only Christ can provide, we do not. Yet, because the mind is so easily shackled by the grip of the here and now, even Christians are not immune, especially at election time, to the tendency of becoming more impassioned about government than God, more preoccupied with Caesar than Christ. This is a topical sermon that centers on the passage that inspired the Reformation doctrine distinguishing civil and religious authorities and emphasizing our dual citizenship, leading to what proved foundational for the constitutional separation of Church and State in America. This message is chiefly concerned not with who wins the elections but with whom we render our allegiance, trust, and hope. It is concerned with how we as Christ’s church pray, think, speak, and act politically. It is not the routine election-time sermon calling for Christians to vote. This is a shepherding sermon. It is a message that aims to offer pastoral guidance and encouragement to both understand and act on biblical principles of government. It is about the relationship and relevance of the government and glory of Christ and Caesar.

Scripture References: Matthew 22:15-20

From Series: "Special 2020"

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