Manny Pereira - October 6, 2019

Denying the Undeniable Christ

The last two miracles listed punctuate Jesus’ ministry of mighty works to present Him as undeniably the Christ. Jesus is the long-awaited, promised Messiah; the unique God-man come to redeem. He has come as the glory of a new dawn upon this darkened world dominated by sin’s suffering and satanic influence, to save us. He is the promised light come into the world to give sight and cast out darkness. He is the promised Son come to crush Satan. This passage is crowning and climactic in Jesus’ revelation. It also begins to unlock the riddle seen in Jesus’ rejection. Here there is no clearer witness to His identity according to Scripture and yet there is no clearer rejection of Him by those appointed as stewards of Scripture. The Christ is revealed. How will those who see and hear respond?

Scripture References: Matthew 9:27-34

From Series: "Christ’s Authenticating Ministry"

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