Manny Pereira - January 30, 2019

Fight: Preparing for Temptation

Unit 3: Our Strategy
Sin is an antithesis to loving God. To love well, we must hate well—hate our sin. To have peace, we must fight—fight against temptation to sin. We cannot truly love God and sin in the same thought. Many Christians lack joy and peace because they do not fight against temptation with all the powers of their mind. Thus, they cannot say that they love God with all their heart, with all their soul, with all their mind, with and all their strength (Mark 12:30). But by the grace of God and His Spirit, the regenerate mind can love God well, hating sin well. But even for the regenerate in this fallen world under the curse, to love God will involve fighting temptation—and this requires the discipline of the mind.

From Series: "Discipline of the Mind"


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