Manny Pereira - May 29, 2019

Heaven's Glory

The whole of Scripture presents a story. It is a story about glory. Supreme in God’s purpose is the revelation and restoration of His glory in creation. Both of these manifestations of glory center on Christ. Heaven exists to make much of Christ, not heaven. He is heaven’s supreme glory. Heaven is a part of God’s creation. It is created to make much of Christ. It is created for us to desire. This session considers heaven’s glory in light of God as Creator and Redeemer. It looks at the importance of God’s purposes in creation and redemption, and the implications of Christ’s incarnation, resurrection, and the promise of the restoration of all things. It contrasts the Spiritual Vision and New Creation models of heaven. Glory is not merely mental, and holiness is not merely spiritual. God speaks of a new creation to stir the purest of tangible affections and to captivate our hearts—to aid in drawing us to long for heaven. But heaven has more to do with presence than with a place. It centers on Christ not creation. The Giver is greater than all His gifts. Everything in the new creation will serve to promote Christ and draw us nearer to Him. A Christian desire for heaven is uniquely a longing for the presence of God, to behold the glory of Christ (John 17:24). There will be many other enjoyments there, but these will be but drops to the ocean of being with Christ. Christ is the source and greatest substance of heaven’s glory.

From Series: "Heaven: Unforgetting the Gospel's Glory"


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