Manny Pereira - May 1, 2019

Hell: Unforgetting God's Justice

Hell is a subject of unparalleled gravity and grief. Yet, few things will reveal our view of God like a clear view of hell. Likewise, few things will prove our perspective on the nature of man, sin, morality, ethics, justice, and the gospel. The reality of hell has largely disappeared from the thoughts of men—even in the church. Popular perspectives on hell often have more to do with perverted misconceptions and portrayals than biblical truth. The church must “unforget” that hell is preeminently about God’s justice. There is no monstrous sadism in hell; God has no delight in the death of the wicked. “His judgments are true and just” (Revelation 19:2)—this is the theme of hell. People are judged for injustice not ignorance. God does not punish people for not knowing the gospel—God only punishes sinners according to their sin. Nobody will be in hell who does not deserve to be there. The church must “unforget” God’s justice—she must know and make known the truth about hell to make much of Christ in all His glory.

From Series: "Hell: Unforgetting God’s Justice"


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