Manny Pereira - February 19, 2017

Marks of the Church

Together to Make Much of Christ

We must picture the ideal in order to aspire. Identifying the church rightly is fundamental to being a church rightly. The high language of the church is intended to elevate our love for her. The first message in this series dealt with the “why” of the church and this one deals with the “what.” It summarizes the nature and character of Christ’s church, identifying the order of her priorities, positions, and essential practices. Accordingly, it is intended to help identify a biblically sound, Christ-honoring local church. It also serves as a strong reminder that Christians striving together to make much of Christ as a local church is biblically sound and Christ-honoring. In other words, it exposes low and anti views of the church for what they are: bankrupt. Understanding the marks of the church helps to defeat unbiblical conceptions of both the church and the Christian life.

From Series: "Together to Make Much of Christ"

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