Manny Pereira - July 28, 2019

Obedience: How Christ's Church Deals with Sin

Whenever we confront sin, people are inclined to think and say things like: “You’re judgmental;” "God is unconditionally loving, He does not judge us like you are;” “This sounds like legalism; after all we’re saved by faith and not by works.” It is easy to talk about God’s love; it is much harder to talk about God’s holy righteousness, His hatred of sin, our accountability, and Christ’s lordship over us as His disciples. It is even harder to put accountability into practice in real-life situations with grace and love while not compromising the church’s responsibility to purity before her Lord and the watching world. Christ's church must deal with sin in, with, and through the gospel.

Scripture References: Matthew 18:15-17

From Series: "Special 2019"

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