Manny Pereira - September 19, 2021

Stewards of Grace to Families

The church—Christ’s bride—is precious to Him, and that should be enough for us to treat her distinctively precious. Long before the church, God created the family. She too is beloved by God, though not in a manner that is to be confused or in competition with the church. The family was created by God as the first human institution. She is the building block of human society. She existed before sin and the fall but has suffered brokenness ever since. The church was created after the fall as a royal priesthood in Christ to minister healing and restoration to the families of the earth through the gospel. This message seeks to bring clarity to the relationship between the church and families within the church. Roles and responsibilities of the church are compared and contrasted to those of families. Biblical direction for both families and the church, as God’s family, is given. By God’s design, His bride is a steward of grace to the families of the earth.

From Series: "Stewards of Grace"

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