Manny Pereira - February 17, 2019

Trustworthy Treasure - Part 2

In this second message, we will consider more closely our Lord's teaching on treasuring God in contrast to treasuring the temporal, insecure riches of this present world. Christ has tested our hearts by the place of our treasures. We have learned that our hearts are where our treasures are, and therefore if our treasures are insecure, transient, and subject to ruin then we will be anxious. In this message, we focus more intently on the positive antidote to anxiety: treasuring God! We consider more plainly the godlessness of anxiety and the call to seek God first, come what may. It is a message of gladness and hope thoroughly centered on God through--and to make much of--Christ for our anxiety-free joy.

Scripture References: Matthew 6:25-34

From Series: "Treasuring God"

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